The Uniting Church came into being on 22 June 1977 as a result of the coming together of the Congregational, Presbyterian and Methodist churches.
The Uniting Church in Australia affirms it is “a pilgrim people, on the way to a promised goal” and it “lives and works within the faith and unity of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church” (Basis of Union, para 2 and 3)
The Uniting Church's commitment to love of God and neighbour has sometimes drawn it into controversial situations. It has long taken a role in the political arena, encouraging moral, social and ethical integrity. It is a multicultural church, striving to treat people on an equal basis, and seeking to give a voice to the poor, outcast and needy.
The work of congregations and church bodies such as synods includes aged care, drug rehabilitation, community outreach and child care.
Coburg Uniting Church had its beginnings in the Coburg Methodist (established 1849) and the Coburg Presbyterian (established 1850) Congregations. Their tradition of worship and community outreach is reflected in the current vibrant congregations.